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We partner with exceptional teams who dare to dream big

XT Hi-Tech provides future category leaders with capital, advice, and support throughout their entire journey.

We know what it takes, and we bring it to the table

For more than two decades, we’ve backed unique category leaders that emerged from Israel. When partnering, we see it as our mission to make the management teams as successful as possible, supporting them with capital, a broad network of connections, operational knowhow, and 24/7 advice - all based on decades of experience in taking companies from any stage to category leadership.

Investing in category leaders

Since the late 90s, we’ve seen waves of innovations, and took an active role in some big successes as well as in painful failures.
However, by carefully implementing our strategy, we managed to be a significant ingredient in the creation of market leaders like Checkmarx, Enzymotec, and Lumenis.

Our track record empowers us to invest in those companies we believe will be the next category leaders – even in categories that are still under construction…

Investing with passion

We invest only in companies where we are as excited about their mission as the management teams - and we are all super excited.
We believe in true partnerships, so before joining we try to learn how we can work together all the way, through highs and lows that are always part of the journey.

We have the deepest appreciation for the sacrifices made to build a company, so we offer management teams all, and only, the support they ask for, thus making sure we do not interfere in running the business. We believe this is key for a healthy, long-term partnership.

We will extend our management teams all the help they need, and we always cherish the sacrifice required to build a company
We believe all these are key for a healthy long-term partnership.

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